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Theory of Change

Postmodern perspectives. . .  Theory of Change It’s important to remember that everything has been made up and constructed because that is what gives us the power to change it. 

General Consensus

Postmodern Perspectives . . . General Consensus  There needs to be more about general consensus in postmodern discourse. From a postmodern perspective, that denounces the idea of objectivity, I have come to use the concept of general consensus as a way to acknowledge a kind of pseudo structure that binds our individual relative existences together. For me, explicitly acknowledging the existence of constructed structure helps me get my head around the idea that there is no inherent structure.  This is the conceptualization I use to position myself as a professional therapist in a therapeutic setting. I work with people to unpack and explore their expectations from all levels of social existence; in pursuit of a more preferable consensus understanding of one’s self and the environment around them.  Sometimes I think about the relationship between the terms consensus and congruence. From a strictly definitive standpoint they are synonymous, but I use applied me